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D’ One Mart is a 24-hour supermarket located in the heart of Labuan town. D' One Mart first opened its door in September 2005 and has introduced several innovative offerings to give more satisfaction to its customers. Among them are strategic location, 24-hour operation, product variety, low prices, loyalty program and a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Due to overwhelming demand, D’ One Mart has decided to expand its retail space. Today, D’ One Mart with the expanded space, we are able to offer wider range of products and give more satisfying customer service.

Shopping at D' One Mart

D’ One Mart has introduced a new retailing concept in Labuan that is more innovative and interesting. Customers will discover a more enjoyable shopping experience at D’One Mart:

  • Open 24 hours

Whether you are a housewife, a government servant, a busy executive or a night shift worker, you no longer need to worry. With D’ One Mart around, you decide the most suitable time to shop.

  • Low prices at all times

Enjoy low prices all the time, day and night, which gives more value for your money whenever you shop at D’ One Mart.

  • Save and be rewarded with the Ceria Card

As a Ceria cardmember, not only you will get to save, you will also be rewarded through the rebate system that we are offering. Besides that, your Ceria Card can be used at other outlets in the near future.

  • Quality products and popular brands

We offer quality products and popular brands in the market. We ensure sufficient stocks so that customers will not go dissapointed while shopping at D’ One Mart.

  • A more enjoyable shopping experience

Our products are arranged neatly and attractively for ease of browsing. Our air-conditioned, well-lit, neat and spacious outlet give customers a more enjoyable and satisfying shopping experience.

  • Strategic location within Labuan town

D’ One Mart is strategically located in the heart of Labuan town and is easily accessible. You will not miss our eye-catching signage.

  • Kid’s playground

While you are busy shopping, your kids can enjoy themselves at our indoor playground. This is another unique experience that we are offering to our esteemed customers.