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DOWNY FBEN LIQ PASSION (RF) 1.35L 4902430355193

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Downy Parfum Collection Passion makes your clothes more comfortable to wear and fragrance all day long. This fabric conditioner by Downy Malaysia specially formulated for easy ironing and to soften the fabric of your favourite clothes. Purchase Downy Parfum Collection Passion (Refill) 1.4L with Walau today and stay fresh longer in your favourite outfit!

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  • A P&G product
  • Parfum Collection series
  • Infused with exotic blend of scents
  • Preserves clothes fabric
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Long-lasting fragrance up to 14 days
  • Can be used for both hand wash and washing machine
  • Suitable for top-loading and front-loading washing machine
  • Applicable to commonly washed garments
  • Refill pack
  • 1.4 litre
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