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VADSO Sprung mattress, extra firm/light blue90x200 cm. 40453589

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Bonnell springs provide stable and even support, giving you the feeling that you´re sleeping on top of the mattress rather than in it.A layer of wadding and foam on the top adds a soft, cushioning feel to the firmness of the Bonnell springs.

The Bonnell springs help you maintain a comfortable body temperature while you sleep, since they have an open construction that allows air to circulate.The mattress is roll-packed so it’s easy to carry home and its practical handles on the sides help you when moving the mattress. Bonnell springs are especially suitable for those who sleep alone, since the movements of the springs won’t disturb anyone else, for example if you have a habit of getting up for a midnight snack.Choose a pillow you like to go with your mattress in order to really boost your sleep. The springs run from edge to edge to avoid a gap if you want to place two mattresses next to each other.The mattress cover is designed to stay firmly in place on the mattress.Only to be used on one side – no need to turn the mattress over.To keep the mattress fresh, use a textile cleaner suitable for upholstery and vacuum it occasionally.The mattress may need about 72 hours to fully regain its shape and comfort after having been roll-packed. Any wrinkles will disappear too.Sometimes the packaging may have given the mattress a noticeable smell which will disappear over a short period of time.166 springs per square metre in a 90x200 cm mattress.

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